Film Review: Prevenge


Alice Lowe’s black comedy Prevenge is a fun watch. A quirky premise is transformed into an entertaining film.

Heavily-pregnant Ruth is on a mission. She is full of murderous rage, and hellbent on getting revenge. Ruth’s unsuspecting victims have no idea what is in for them…

Writer, director, and star Alice Lowe has created an off-the-wall dark comedy with Prevenge. The premise is original and amusing, and the film itself follows suit. The film does not reveal too much about the reason Ruth is going on a killing spree to begin with. Lowe careful leaks details and context as the film progresses, keeping the audience in suspense.

The film starts off being dark but very funny. As the film progresses, it is clear this tone cannot continue for the entire film. If it did, the end result will be a repetitive and inconsequential movie. Therefore Lowe must alter the drive of the film to ensure viewers stay engage. To do this, Lowe bends the genre of Revenge. The film shifts from a dark comedy to a dark drama. There are still laughs in the second half of the film, but there is a more serious tone. This is caused by the reveal of the cause of Ruth’s revenge mission.

There are some great sequences in Prevenge. The film mixes some gory sequences with deadpan humour. Ruth is a good anti-hero; amusement in the character should turn to empathy as the film progresses. The inner dialogue is frequently funny, and sometimes menacing. Other characters are broadly drawn, but function very well to generate humour, and at times disgust. Alice Lowe delivers a good performance as Ruth, aided by her great dialogue. Tom Davis is memorable in a small role.

Prevenge is promising directorial debut from Alice Lowe. The ease in shifting between genres shows her skill as a writer and director.

Prevenge is being screened at the BFI London Film Festival in October 2016.