Confessions of a Titanic Fan

The Titanic fan I refer to in the title is not me, but a close friend (@lucky17) who I took to the multimedia screening of Titanic 3D recently. I am not a huge fan of the film, mainly due to its 194-minute running time. Not having seen the film in its entirety since the initial 1997 theatrical release, a few things struck me. Titanic was a remarkable achievement in terms of sets, costuming and props. The film still looks good fifteen years later. The script, however, is more appalling than I recalled. It is truly cringeworthy at times. On to the thoughts of a real Titanic fan…

What was it like seeing Titanic on the big screen again, after 15 years?

It’s been 15 years and I can still smell the fresh paint! It didn’t feel like 15 years had passed by since I last saw Titanic on the big screen. Sure, I’ve caught the movie premier and the odd showing at Christmas but there was something really exciting about re-watching this in all it’s cinematic glory. If you can’t quite tell, I was very excited to see it again.

How did the 3D effect your viewing experience?

I have seen quite a few 3D films now so was quite looking forward to certain parts, namely Kate Winslet’s entrance- you know in that massive hat?! I wasn’t disappointed but there were parts which seemed a little flat. All the major moments were pretty good though.

Would you recommend Titanic 3D to other fans of the film?

If you loved it the first time then you’ll love it again. There is something so timeless and classic about this film…There were some slightly strange moments when you realise how simple some of the dialogue is and how many times one person can say Jack, but the added 3D moments certainly add to the overall excitement.

Titanic 3D is out in cinemas on 6th April 2012.