Stuff To Look At

Plenty of cinema-related stuff this week for your visual pleasure, including the latest Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster, Transformers: Age of Extinction and Paddington

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster

Here is the latest Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster. What the hell happened to Carter Baizen from Gossip Girl? Sebastian Stan returns for the Captain America: The First Avenger sequel, although he is looking a little different. More of the film’s posters are available to view here. Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits UK screens on 26th March 2014.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Damn, Optimus Prime. Here is the latest trailer for Michael Bay’s upcoming blockbuster Transformers: Age of Extinction. Like most I’m sure, I am looking forward to the Dinobots. Transformers: Age of Extinction is released in the UK on 10th July 2014.

Muppets Most Wanted

It’s time to play the music. It’s almost time to light the lights… The Muppets return in sequel Muppets Most Wanted, and in the video above they are joking about it in musical form. Kermit and co return to the silver screen when Muppets Most Wanted hits UK cinemas on 28th March 2014.


Above is a motion poster for upcoming biblical epic Noah. I like the idea of motion posters, they should be utilised more often. Starring Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Anthony Hopkins, Noah is released in the UK on 4th April 2014.


Ah this teaser trailer reveals everything and nothing. Based on the literary bear with a penchant for marmalade, Paddington will hopefully be a fun-filled adventure. The trailer does not feature Paddington speaking, but he is voiced by Colin Firth so is sure to sound like a marvellously English gentleman. Paddington is set for release on 28th November 2014.

The Other Woman

Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann show off their comedy chops in The Other Woman. They are joined by Kate Upton as three women being cheated on by the same guy. I think it is clear where this is heading. The Other Woman will be released in UK cinemas on 28th April 2014.

Guardians of the Galaxy

I am mostly interested in Rocket Raccoon, I’m not going to lie. A raccoon who is a superhero? Yes. Guardians of the Galaxy sees Marvel go all-out fantasy in their latest comic-book franchise. The blockbuster will be released on 1st August 2014.


I actually couldn’t tell what accent Tom Hardy was doing to begin with. It gets clearer. Locke has been receiving critical acclaim thus far. The trailer does not reveal too much, but it looks intriguing. Locke is released in UK cinemas on 18th April 2014.

Grace of Monaco

Nicole Kidman and Tim Roth star in biopic Grace of Monaco. Set in 1962, the film revolves around the period of Grace Kelly’s life when she is wishes to return to Hollywood, after her royal marriage and the birth of her children. Grace of Monaco hits UK screens on 6th June 2014.


SabotageWhen I read the title of this film, my first thought was Alfred Hitchcock. I don’t think this is a remake, but I could be wrong. Arnold Schwarzenegger heads the cast of action thriller Sabotage, which is set for release on 9th May 2014.

Film Review: The Liability

The Liability

The Liability mixes elements of a crime thriller with black comedy. It is not awful, but is not the most enthralling of watches either.

19-year-old Adam agrees to do some work for his mother’s gangster boyfriend Peter. His first task is to do some driving for Peter’s associate Roy. Adam is about to journey into the murky underworld…

The narrative of The Liability feels like the premise for a short film padded out to fill the length of a feature. The initial idea itself is not a bad one. It is where the film goes that is the problem. The twists that the film takes are a bit silly.

The fundamental idea of the two characters on a road trip works fine. Writer John Wrathall sets up an element of mystery from the beginning of the film which functions adequately to pique the viewer’s interest. Even when Roy’s line of work is revealed, The Liability is still suitably entertaining. It is the introduction of Talulah Riley’s character which marks the point when the film begins to descend.

Adam is a suitably amusing protagonist. His persona is a good balance for the droll Roy. However, the tangent of Riley’s character fails to add anything interesting or plausible to the mix. The Liability is strongest in exploring the dynamic of Roy and Adam; the tertiary character should have enhanced this or offered something more. Instead, she appears as cartoonish.

Production values are fine. The Liability features a few violent moments; these are depicted with appropriate gratuity. Tim Roth offers a decent performance as Roy. He has good chemistry with Jack O’Connell’s Adam. Talulah Riley has little room to manoeuvre with her character, but her accent is questionable.

The Liability could have made a great short film, but as a feature it fails to satisfy.