Film Review: The Odd Life of Timothy Green

The Odd Life of Timothy Green

The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a sickly sweet fantasy that requires a healthy suspension of disbelief.

Cindy and Jim Green long for a child. After receiving bad news from a fertility doctor, the couple discuss the traits they would want their child to have and bury those wishes in a box. Something unexpected occurs during a storm later that night…

It is difficult to take a film like The Odd Life of Timothy Green seriously. This is because the incidents that occur are so far removed from reality that the film lacks any sense of verisimilitude. Despite being set in contemporary small town with a mostly regular cast, the premise of the film is most incredulous.

Nevertheless, this is not to say that The Odd Life of Timothy Green is boring. The film should prove sufficiently entertaining for a family audience.  It may leave viewer slightly bemused, but Peter Hedges’ film does its best to entertain. There are some flaws, however. After the initial set up, the narrative is a bit predictable. Cindy and Jim Green come across badly at the beginning, although they become more endearing as the film progresses. Finally, there are some lines of dialogue that are ridiculous, but this adds to the overall experience and will amuse those viewers struggling to take the film seriously.

Joel Edgerton is decent as Jim Green. Both Jennifer Garner and Dianne Wiest are adequate. The Odd Life of Timothy Green was never going to be a highlight on any of their resumes. CJ Adams offers a good performance as Timothy. He has an appealing quality which is most necessary for this role.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green will not be for everyone. The premise and style of the movie certainly narrow its appeal. Nevertheless, viewers who take a punt are unlikely to be bored.