Film Review: Thanks for Sharing

 Thanks for Sharing

Stuart Blumberg’s Thanks for Sharing is a drama that does engage viewers, but perhaps not to the extent it hopes to.

Although he seems like a regular guy on the surface, Adam faces a continual battle. Along with other members of his support group, Adam struggles on the road to recovery from sex addiction…

Thanks for Sharing attempts to imbue some humour into the subject of sex addiction, whilst still underscoring the impact of such a condition. The success of the film is that it can switch between drama and comedy in an instant. The story is serious for the most part, with occasional bursts of humour.

The three main characters in Thanks for Sharing work to exhibit various stages of addiction; although some are more interesting than others. The film shows the pitfalls and the triumphs of recovery. The grey area makes the film feel more authentic.

The main issue with Thanks for Sharing is that it lacks catharsis. Perhaps this is intentional; an attempt to mirror the tribulations of recovery. Nonetheless, from a viewer’s standpoint this means that the film is not as satisfying as it could be.

Another problem with the film is that secondary characters are not as engaging as they could be. Although Adam is a likeable protagonist, it is more difficult to empathise or engage with to the same extent characters such as Phoebe or Mike.

Blumberg’s direction is solid. Thanks for Sharing is suitably paced. The soundtrack, however, is a bit hit and miss. Performances are good. Mark Ruffalo is believable throughout, as is Patrick Fugit as Danny and Josh Gad as Neil. Gwyneth Paltrow’s Phoebe is as aggravating as the actress herself.

Thanks for Sharing works well in some aspects, although it is patchy overall. Not must-see cinema, but not a bad watch either.