Postman Pat Movie!

That title certainly deserves an exclamation mark, as today brings us the news that Postman Pat will be starring in his very first feature film. The announcement comes on Pat’s 30th birthday. To be honest, I thought the reliable postman was older than this, but there you go. The film, Postman Pat: The Movie – You Know You’re the One, will be released in 3D in Spring 2013. It features the voices of Stephen Mangan, Jim Broadbent, Rupert Grint and David Tennant.

I always liked Postman Pat as a child. It helped that I met him when I was young (true story). Despite the character’s popularity, it is surprising that a feature film has never been previously made. My favourite character was Jess the cat, unsurprisingly, so it will be interesting to see what the new film does with her (or him?). Also, the original theme song needs to be retained; it will be a crime against humanity if it isn’t.