Film Review: The Monster of Nix

The Monster of Nix is a delightfully quirky animated film. With a running time of thirty minutes, The Monster of Nix maintains the viewer’s interest throughout.

Nix is just an ordinary village until a monster appears. When everyone else disappears, it is up to young Willy to fight the monster by himself…

The Monster of Nix is a weird and wonderful tale. The style of animation, the narrative and visuals combine to create an idiosyncratic world. Director and screenwriter Rosto has imbued his film with a sense of surrealism. It is engaging as viewers will wonder what weird character or incident will pop up next.

The music in The Monster of Nix works very well. The sound, presumably intentionally, is a little strange with the dialogue a struggle to decipher over the soundtrack. Nonetheless, the film features the voices of Terry Gilliam and Tom Waits, the latter in a particularly memorable role. Those who like unusual animated features should definitely check The Monster of Nix out.

The Monster of Nix is being screened at the BFI London Film Festival in October 2011 as part of the ‘International Animation Panorama Programme 1’.