Film Review: The Iron Lady

A magnificent performance from Meryl Streep carries The Iron Lady. The film is well executed in parts, although some may find the assertions cast on Margaret Thatcher, someone who is able to view the film, in poor taste.

Ailing Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is haunted by the spectre of her late husband Denis. As she struggles to focus on contemporary engagements, Baroness Thatcher looks back at her career; a journey that has taken her from grocer’s daughter to the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom…

Margaret Thatcher is a polemical figure, who has plenty of detractors. The Iron Lady seems like an attempt to humanise her. However, the film concentrates heavily on Thatcher’s recent past, and can be distasteful because of the artistic license taken. Although her ill health has been reported, it is rather remiss to suggest that she is plagued by hallucinations. Phyllida Lloyd’s film is a drama based on real events, which makes such assertions rather offensive. It is a shame, as otherwise The Iron Lady boasts great performances, costumes and styling.

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