Film Review: Get Him to the Greek

A spin-off from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greek focuses on Russell Brand’s rock star character Aldous Snow. Whilst it may not be as consistently amusing as its predecessor, Get Him to the Greek is very humorous at times, and an entertaining, if mindless, film.

Aaron Green has 72 hours to get rock star Aldous Snow from London to Los Angeles, via New York, to play at tenth anniversary concert at the Greek Theatre. A simple enough task, but for the whims of a drug-addled rock star…

Whilst the plot is fairly linear, the real highlights lie in the amusing situations Aaron and Aldous find themselves in. The film does not take itself too seriously, however through the humour there is definite comment on today’s music industry. Much of the comedy not only from amusing lines, but also the songs composed for the film.

Just as Aldous Snow shone through in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a side character steals the show in Get Him to the Greek. Although she only appears intermittently, Snow’s ex-girlfriend Jackie Q is thoroughly amusing in every scene she is in. Her music video for ‘Ring Round’ is particularly hilarious.

Brand is good as rock star Snow, though it does feel as if he is playing himself at times. Jonah Hill gives a decent performance as Aaron; it is interesting seeing him playing the straight man to Brand’s character.  Sean Combs pretty much plays himself as music company boss Sergio. It is only in later scenes that Combs comes into his own, the results of which are pretty funny. The real star is Rose Byrne as Jackie Q; she steals every scene she features in. Given its setting and tone, it is unsurprising that Get Him to the Greek features several cameos, from Lars Ulrich to Meredith Vieira.

Perhaps the only real downside to the film is that the more serious and reflexive scenes fall flat, especially when contrasted with the more ridiculous situations contained within the film. Nonetheless, Get Him to the Greek is an enjoyable and funny movie.