Film Review: The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods is a smart and amusing horror hybrid. Viewers should avoid finding out too much about the film beforehand, to maximise enjoyment.

Dana and Jules are college students looking forward to a break away. Along with fellow students Curt, Steve and Marty, the group travel to a remote cabin to spend the weekend. Not long after the group arrive they discover that something is amiss…

The Cabin in the Woods is difficult to review without giving away significant spoilers. It is easy to see the preoccupations of producer and co-writer Joss Whedon. The story is good overall, although the ending does not quite match the high quality of the rest of the film. Although it is not completely original, in terms of type of movie, The Cabin in the Woods is executed in witty and gratifying manner.

Drew Goddard’s film is an interesting play on the horror genre. The Cabin in the Woods excels in mixing genres. The mystery of the overall scheme is nicely juxtaposed by a strong vein of humour that runs throughout the film. The set up is great, with the audience being fed details slowly as the film progresses.

The Cabin in the Woods features some great touches. The cellar sequence in particular is great, with its perfect balance of apprehension and humour. Effects in the film are good overall. Nevertheless, Goddard’s film would have benefited from fewer CGI effects, which more often than not tend to look artificial.

Performances are good all round in The Cabin in the Woods. Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford share great chemistry. Fran Kranz provides a good deal of humour as Marty, while Kristen Connelly and Jesse Williams fulfil their roles well.

Showing a good imagination, Drew Goddard directorial debut is a lot of fun. Fans of the horror genre should definitely aim to see The Cabin in the Woods.