Film Review: American Pie: Reunion

American Pie: Reunion is a film made for fans of the previous American Pie instalments. As such it should not disappoint; American Pie: Reunion is a lot of fun.

Thirteen years after they graduated high school, Jim, Michelle, Oz, Stifler and co are back in town for their reunion. Jim and Michelle are now married, whilst Oz has a successful career. As the gang reminisce about their youth, they realise how much their lives have changed. Stifler and co are keen to relive their old hijinks…

American Pie: Reunion is made precisely for the audience who watched and enjoyed the first film. Much of the humour is based around events that occurred in the first instalment. That is not to say that viewers would not be able to enjoy the film as a stand alone product, but just that the first film in particular is heavily referenced.

The narrative of American Pie: Reunion is predictable. There are no real surprises in terms of events that take place. Reunion follows the same pattern as the previous films, with the outlandish/cringeworthy incidents and the obsession with sex. The reason the film works so well is because of the amusing characters that populate the series; at this point audiences will have become fond of them. Moreover, the humour is crass and often immature, but it does generate the laughs.

The aspect of nostalgia is very much played upon by writer-directors Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg. This is natural, given that the action revolves around a school reunion. As the characters look back and contemplate how far they have come since high school, many viewers of a similar age will be able to identify with this reflection. The sense of nostalgia is heightened by the use of a late 1990s/early 2000s soundtrack.

Seann William Scott is a scene stealer as Stifler, the role the actor is most associated with. As Jim, Jason Biggs is as clumsy and affable as ever. Tara Reid is a little reluctant reprising her role as Vicky, while Chris Klein brings some laughs as Oz.

American Pie: Reunion should be enjoyed for the fun that it is. Needless to say, those who did not like the first film are unlikely to be impressed by this offering.