Film Review: The Binding

Gus Krieger’s The Binding is a decent thriller. The film loses momentum at times, but is engaging for the most part and offers nervy finale.

With a young baby, Sarah is at first in awe at her preacher husband’s visions. As she finds out more, Sarah becomes increasingly concerned for her baby’s safety. She seeks the help in discovering the truth…

Written, directed, and produced by Gus Krieger, The Binding is a tale with a strong biblical presence. The film is divided into chapters, each named after particular books of the bible. The focus of the film is on a suspected spiritual manifestation, and how protagonist Sarah deals with this.

The Binding is not a traditional horror film. The film is more of a thriller, with a reliance on drama rather than scares. The opening sequence is great in setting up the tone of the film.

The Binding functions as a metaphor for domestic violence. Although the emphasis is on spiritual doctrine, as the film progresses the warning signs of abuse become clear. The way that Bram demands respect and the power dynamic in the central relationship ensure that the finale is in keeping with what has gone before.

The second chapter suffers from pacing issues, but Krieger manages to recover this later in the film. Some of the plot points are predictable, particularly the course of action taken. Nevertheless, The does not hinder the overall enjoyment too much.

Amy Gumenick delivers a decent performance as Sarah. It is easy to identify with the character later in proceedings. Josh Heisler is suitably cast as Bram, while James Rose Collons makes a good supporting patriarch.

With a genuinely nervy finale, The Binding slow build pays off. Those looking for an outright horror may be disappointed, yet the film works well as a thriller.

The Binding is available to watch on Digital Download from 18th December 2017.