Film Review: The Watch

The Watch is a sufficiently entertaining film. The comedy needed better and more frequent jokes to become memorable, however.

Evan is an active member of the community. When a murder takes place in the store which he manages, Evan decides to form a neighbourhood watch. The other members are more keen to use the group as a way to escape their daily routine, but Evan insists on investigating the mysterious death…

The Watch offers a comedy with a science-fiction twist. Trailers for the film posit it as a straightforward comedy, which belies the sci-fi angle. The aspect of The Watch is fairly potent, particularly in the second half of the film.

The problem with The Watch is that several of the jokes fall flat. For a comedy, there is a lack of belly laughs. This is because the jokes that are present fail to work, and there are not as many of the jokes that do. The Watch could have been a lot funnier.

The elements of action and sci-fi function suitably well. There is enough in this area of the film to keep the audience entertained. The premise of The Watch is perfectly fine, it’s only in the execution that the film falters. The need of screenwriters Seth Rogen, Jared Stern and Evan Goldberg to give Evan in particular more of an emotional edge appears a misstep. As the humour does not always work, it can feel as if viewers are being lumbered with a serious angle without the comedy pay off.

Production values in Akvia Schaffer’s film are great. Performances from the cast are also good, although the main players never really step out of their comfort zone. Vince Vaughn plays the same kind of brash character audiences have seen from him before, while Jonah Hill does bring humour as the slightly eccentric Franklin.

The Watch works well enough not to bore or annoy viewers. However, it is unlikely to leave them begging for more. A suitable lazy afternoon film.