Film Review: Like Crazy

From the trailer, Like Crazy looked to be a definite tearjerker. Unfortunately though, the entire film falls short of provoking a strong emotional response from the viewer.

British student Anna falls in love with American student Jacob while she is studying in California. When her visa is due to expire, Anna cannot stand the thought of being separated from Jacob. Anna overstays her visa, which leads to a ban on US entry. Anna and Jacob embark on a long-distance relationship which has its ups and downs…

Teenagers may find resonance with Like Crazy, but it is unlikely older viewers will feel the same. Unfortunately, Drake Doremus’ film appears contrived from the cloying montage sequences to the narrative and use of music. The warm tones, flashbacks and hand-held camera work combine to produce a film that is a lot more shallow than it thinks it is.

Like Crazy also feels quite long. It is not really the emotional drama it could have been. The film lacks the emotional depth to move audiences; many are likely to find the film tiresome. Moreover, the two central characters are not as likeable as they should be. It is difficult to root for their relationship when they treat others with such a disregard.

Performances from Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin are fine, although both have been more impressive elsewhere. Alex Kingston and Oliver Muirhead provide good support as Anna’s parents.

Like Crazy had the potential to be an engaging watch, but the film does not provide the audience with enough to connect with it.

Like Crazy is being screened at the BFI London Film Festival in October 2011.