Film Review: Machete Kills

Machete Kills

Machete Kills is an enjoyable follow up to Robert Rodriguez’s 2010 hit. The film focuses on the absurd; an aspect that entertains throughout.

Ex-Federale Machete is hired by no less than the American president himself for a critical mission. Machete needs to find arms dealer Mandez before he launches a weapon that could have catastrophic consequences…

Machete Kills continues soon after the first film ends, but swiftly takes a detour in terms of narrative. Whereas Machete had its silly moments, but more serious themes at play, Machete Kills embraces a farcical James Bond-esque plot, pitting Machete as the unlikely saviour.

The film takes on a more absurd edge than its predecessor, but this is what makes the film so entertaining. The plot lurches from silly to absurd, taking the audience along with it for the ride.

Machete Kills taps into the ‘Mexploitation’ vibe more effectively than the original film. There are moments that have a real 1970s feel to them, and the film instils B movie values. The preview at the beginning of the film as an amusing touch, and one that harks back to the Machete character’s origins.

This sequel also features females in prominent roles. Whilst these characters might be fiesty and trigger-happy, their power is negated by the choice of attire. Although this could be seen as replicating the type of film that Machete Kills pastiches, it is a shame that the main female characters are not a little more progressive.

More so than its predecessor, there is stunt casting galore in Machete Kills. This comes in the form of Charlie Sheen as US president, and roles for Mel Gibson and Lady Gaga. Elsewhere, Danny Trejo reprises his role well, while Amber Heard and Demian Bichir seem to be having fun.

Machete Kills should satisfy fans of the first film, as well as appealing to those with a taste for the absurd.