Report: London Film Festival Press Conferences – Week 3

127 Hours

The press conference for 127 Hours, the Closing Night Gala at the London Film Festival, was attended by director Danny Boyle, star James Franco, screenwriter Simon Beaufoy and producer Christian Coulson. Danny Boyle spoke about Aron Ralston’s amazing story, commenting: “He grows really in the canyon, it’s a journey… it felt really clear when reading the book, and especially when we talked to Aron a lot, that he grew in there, in those circumstances, it becomes a kind of journey that he’s on”.

James Franco discussed watching the tapes that Aron made whilst stuck in the canyon. He remarked; “As an actor, those were incredibly valuable because it wasn’t even necessarily what he was saying on those messages, it was the pure behaviour. We were sitting there watching a guy who had excepted his own death, and he didn’t know there was a happy ending at the end of the story. So Aron, now when he tells those stories he’s looking back on it, but in that moment he was in the middle of the situation”.

Simon Beaufoy elaborated on writing the screenplay and the input given by Aron. Simon stated; “We were always walking the tightrope between the facts and the needs of drama. And I think we got them right, because Aron is very, very supportive of the film. That’s always the big challenge, when you’ve got the real guy sitting right next to you”.

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