Film Review: A Change in the Weather

Jon Sanders’ A Change in the Weather offers an intimate portrait of a struggling long-term relationship. The film should be praised for its naturalistic approach, although it is not without flaws.

Theatre director Dan decides to bring a group of performers together to spend the week in an isolated region of France with him and his wife Lydia. As the performers begin to collaborate on the project, Dan and Lydia are forced to examine their relationship…

Directed and co-written by Jon Sanders (with Anna Mottram), A Change in the Weather is an examination of a long-term relationship which has its issues. The narrative functions on two levels which become interwoven. In this way, A Change in the Weather flexes its meta credentials. The film is about a director and his wife having marital woes. Yet through the function of the performance week, they must at times act out previous issues within their relationship under the guise of the creative process. Furthermore, they watch other actors performing scenes based on their relationship.

When the film works, it does so very well. Sanders injects naturalism into his production. There is a level of intimacy achieved that comes across as highly realistic. The most engaging scenes tend to be between Dan and Lydia; after all, their relationship is the centrepiece of the production. Nevertheless, their interactions with other characters are important, and the other characters playing out their roles is an interesting idea. In some places, the film does not always capture the attention. There are certain stretches of the film which could have been trimmed for the sake of momentum.

Performances from the cast are superb. Ben Goody and Anna Mottram are wholly convincing as the married couple. Maxine Finch is also great in a supporting role. A Change in the Weather is a thoughtful and naturalistic film. The focus on the changing nature of a relationship something that Sanders conveys exceptionally well.

A Change in the Weather is in UK cinemas from 7th July 2017