Film Review: Good Boys

Gene Stupnitsky’s directorial debut Good Boys is infectious in its silliness. Offering both heart and a lot of laughs, the comedy is very enjoyable. 

Three sixth grade boys ditch school in order to save themselves from trouble. However, with teenage girls chasing them, a bag of drugs, and a party to get to, things are far from simple…

Co-written with Lee Eisenberg, Good Boys is the feature debut of director Gene Stupnitsky. Influences of earlier comedies are clear. Advertising for the film gives audience an indication of what to expect (from the guys who brought you Superbad, Bad Neighbours, and Sausage Party the poster promises). The film counts Seth Rogen among its producers. The premise combines elements of Superbad and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Yet thanks to the age of the protagonists, Good Boys offers an innocence which is endearing. 

The protagonists are well drawn, each distinct in personality but with plenty of chemistry. The filmmakers are wise to keep focus on these three, keeping older characters on the periphery. The camaraderie between the trio is very believable. Despite the focus on humour, there is a level of sincerity present. The film focuses on an age where there are a lot of changes. Good Boys explores this in a way that feels earnest but not overwrought. 

The jokes hit the mark almost every time. The combination of silly jokes, age-sensitive references, and crude humour is a winning combination. The dialogue is great; there are a lot of laughs to be had here. The physical comedy is also very good.  All three boys deliver great performances. Jacob Tremblay and Brady Noon are most convincing in their roles. But it is Keith L. Williams who really shines as Lucas; hopefully he will have a bright future. 

At ninety minutes, the film does not overstay its welcome. Well paced and a lot of fun, Good Boys will put a smile on viewers’ faces. 

Stuff To Look At

With the Oscar nominations being announced this week, here are glimpses of some of the nominees, plus upcoming features…

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson’s latest film The Grand Budapest Hotel boasts an enviable cast headed by Ralph Fiennes and featuring some frequent Anderson collaborators such as Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman and Tilda Swinton. As the above clip illustrates, the film concerns the adventures of hotel  concierge Gustave and new lobby boy Zero. The Grand Budapest Hotel is released in UK cinemas on 7th March 2014.


Above is a OmniFoundation public service announcement. It will be interesting to see if this new version is as scathing in its criticism of corporate power and corruption as the original. After all, it would be timely. RoboCop is hits UK screens on 7th February 2014.


Spike Jonze’s Her has received five nominations at this year’s Oscars; perhaps not as many as fans were expecting. I am really looking forward to seeing the film, which stars Joaquin Phoenix and Amy Adams. Her is released in the UK on 14th February 2014.

Bad Neighbours

Zac Efron plays a college student and nightmare neighbour in upcoming comedy Bad Neighbours. The film has a likeable enough cast; if the jokes are frequent and amusing it should be entertaining fare. Bad Neighbours is out in cinemas on 9th May 2014.

Under The Skin

Under The Skin has been a source of interest at the festivals where it has been screened; the film gets a cinematic release on 14th March 2014. Starring Scarlell Johansson, Under The Skin is science fiction thriller.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Look at this exciting new poster for The Amazing Spider-Man 2! Andrew Garfield returns as Peter Parker for the second installment of the reboot, facing a plethora of villains. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is out in UK cinemas on 18th April 2014.

The Monuments Men

Matt Damon and George Clooney reunite in the above clip from The Monuments Men. I’m not going to lie, I am most looking forward to seeing Bill Murray in this. The Monuments Men is hits UK cinemas on 14th February 2014.

Lone Survivor

Marky Mark stars as a soldier in Afghanistan in Lone Survivor. The film is directed by Peter Berg of Battleship fame, so expect a lot of military talk. Lone Survivor is out in UK cinemas on 31st January 2014.

Muppets Most Wanted

This above advert for Muppets Most Wanted, which was screened during the Golden Globes last Sunday, is fantastic. Marketing for The Muppets was brilliant, and Disney look to continue the trend for its sequel. Muppets Most Wanted hits the big screen on 28th March 2014.