Film Review: Walk of Fame

Jesse Thomas’ directorial debut Walk of Fame has a suitable premise, but fails to get to where it needs to be. As a comedy, simply is not funny.

Drew is studying to be a lawyer whilst working in a call centre. He signs up for acting classes after falling for aspiring actress Nikki. Instead, Drew must work with a motley crew of performers…

Walk of Fame is a comedy with a romantic angle. Written and directed by Jesse Thomas, the film aims for the zany comedy tact, but doesn’t get there. The biggest stumbling block is the script. The dialogue is often poor, and lacks decent jokes. There are very few laughs to be found throughout the 93-minute duration.

A further problem is the choice and development of characters. Drew is an adequate lead in playing the fish out of water at acting school. Yet he is never conveyed in a particularly sympathetic light, and it is hard to care whether he will get the girl. Nikki seems like a bad stereotype, whilst Rubisio is an incredibly irritating character. It is unclear why he dominates so many scenes. The way the film has been edited suggests that scenes may have been cut; the narrative does not run smoothly.

Scott Eastwood probably saw Walk of Fame as a vehicle to display his leading man credentials. His performance is perfectly fine, and may have been commendable with a better script. Malcolm McDowell injects some much needed vitality into proceedings. Not even he can save the film, however. Elsewhere, stereotypes abound, and a puzzling turn from the filmmaker himself fail to ignite the imagination.

Walk of Fame has a decent enough cast, but a very poor screenplay. A misfire from Thomas, and from Eastwood and McDowell in choosing to star in this film.

Walk Of Fame will available to watch on Digital Download from 20th November 2017.