Film Review: Deadpool

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Director Tim Miller’s feature debut Deadpool is incredible fun. The film should prove a breath of fresh air for those looking for a different type of comic book hero.

Wade Wilson is a former Special Forces operative. Getting by as a mercenary for hire, Wade is enjoying life until something unexpected comes along. When rogue experimental treatment gives him special powers, he adopts the alter ego Deadpool…

From its earliest marketing, the makers of Deadpool promised viewers a different type of comic book movie. And it is clear that Tim Miller’s film delivers on this front. Deadpool is a film that certainly is not suitable for children. The film is brash, sweary and violent. It is also a lot of fun.

The first thing that is clear from the opening credits is Deadpool‘s self-deprecating nature. This tone continues throughout the duration of the film. The fourth wall is also broken often and early, with the screenwriters even referencing the fact that they are doing so. Comedy is indispensable to the film; it simply would not have worked without the constant humour. Wade’s wisecracking is frequently amusing. The film stays within the Marvel universe in terms of its referencing of other characters, yet this often breaks the fourth wall too.

The narrative of Deadpool is fairly simple. The origins story of the title character is shown via a lengthy flashback. At its heart, the film is a revenge story with a romantic strand running through it. As such there is not much that is particularly original about the film’s narrative. It is the tone and style which carries the narrative through.

Action in the film is visceral. Miller does not shy away from depicting gore. This is always done with humour, negating some of the more brutally graphic sequences. Ryan Reynolds appears to be having a lot of fun in the role. Morena Baccarin has good chemistry with Reynolds.

Deadpool is a very amusing film that should satisfy those who have been anticipating its arrival.