Hellraiser: Goriest Moments


To celebrate the release of Hellraiser: The Scarlet Box, a limited run of deluxe boxsets, here is a look back on the goriest moments from the original Hellraiser film. Spoilers ahead, for those who have never seen the film. Needless to say, these clips are NSFW…

Frank’s Rebirth

Frank’s first proper appearance in Hellraiser comes as he is reborn through his brother Larry’s blood. Writer-director Clive Barker exhibits his flair for the macabre, in this sequence, from the shaking floorboards to the rats, to the oozing gunk that Frank emerges from (in his spider-like state). Although the film is close to thirty years old, this sequence has held up remarkably well.

First Death

When Julia picks up a man in a bar, it is clear that things are not going to end well for him. Taking him up to the attic, it is Julia who commits the first on-screen murder, bludgeoning the man to death with a hammer as a weak Frank looks on. It is not the death that is especially gory, it is Julia’s dizzying exhilaration followed by Frank’s scurrying over which makes the scene memorable.

Frank’s Demise

Frank’s demise at the end of Hellraiser is something to behold. With the infamous “Jesus wept” quote, Frank finally gets his comeuppance in the most visceral way possible. The chains that pierce Frank’s skin are edited together finely with the Cenobites stepping ominously out of the darkness. The sequence serves as a reminder of why the Hellraiser film series has some of the most iconic imagery in the genre.

Hellraiser: The Scarlet Boxset, a limited edition run of 5,000 deluxe box-sets featuring the first three films plus bonus features and a 200-page illustrated book, will be released on 26th October 2015.