Film Review: A Dangerous Game

A Dangerous Game

Anthony Baxter’s A Dangerous Game is an illuminating documentary on an important subject. A follow-up to You’ve Been Trumped, Baxter shines a light on significant concerns.

Anthony Baxter picks up on the troubles of local residents who opposed the building of Donald Trump’s luxury golf resort on Scottish wilderness area. The film also extends its focus, exploring the issues that arise from the construction of luxury golf resorts in different regions…

You’ve Been Trumped functioned as something of a microcosm, with its concentration on Aberdeenshire. A Dangerous Game looks at issues on a wider scale, looking at different communities in different countries, and different corporates. The film considers the environmental impact of resort building, as well as looking at who benefits from it.

A Dangerous Game can be compelling viewing thanks to this broader view. The film focuses on a handful of regions across the world, looking at later impact on environments not naturally apt for golfing. The financial implications of building such resorts are also discussed.

Anthony Baxter speaks to a variety of individuals during the course of A Dangerous Game, giving the film a more rounded view. Among those interviewed are developers, residents, environmental lawyers and experts, as well as government officials, although only a minority of the latter agreed to talk. Baxter asks some interesting questions with A Dangerous Game, and the silence of those with a governmental role speaks volumes.

The film is edited well, jumping from location to location in a seamless rather than jarring fashion. The opening titles are great. It is clear that A Dangerous Game focuses on a subject dear to the filmmaker. His passion in attempting to find answers and give a voice to those not in positions of power is clear throughout the film. It is this that helps to make A Dangerous Game an engaging documentary.