First Look: Guardians of the Galaxy Footage

Guardians of the Galaxy footage

I was lucky enough to view some 3D Guardians of the Galaxy footage on IMAX yesterday evening, and it looks like the film will be a marvelously entertaining adventure romp. The scenes screened appear to be from close to the beginning of the film. They give a good introduction to the main characters. The action sequence screened was very well executed.  Tyler Bates’ score seems to be most rousing. Hopefully the combination of fantasy, action adventure and comedy works as successfully in the rest of the movie.

The Guardians of the Galaxy footage looked superb in IMAX. There is one shot in particular which was highly reminiscent of Star Wars. In fact, this had the same effect as the Disneyland Star Tours ride. In the footage screened, the IMAX format is highly effective at drawing viewers in. The aforementioned shot may even be a bit too much for those who suffer with motion sickness! It is no bad thing if Guardians of the Galaxy is taking its lead from Star Wars. The summer needs a genuinely entertaining adventure blockbuster, and Guardians of the Galaxy could just be it.

The Guardians of the Galaxy footage was screened at the Empire Leicester Square IMAX. Guardians of the Galaxy hits UK screens on 31st July 2014.