Film Review: Sx_Tape


Bernard Rose’s found footage horror Sx_Tape that offers some tension, but ultimately disappoints.

Artist Jill and her voyeuristic boyfriend Adam are looking for a way to put her on the map as an artist. The couple break into an abandoned hospital when scouting for a location for Jill’s art show, with little idea of what awaits them…

Candyman director Bernard Rose returns to the horror genre with this low-budget effort. Unfortunately, Sx_Tape adds nothing new or interesting to the found footage sub-genre.

Despite the short running time, Sx_Tape feels slack. This is particularly true of the second half of the film. The ending feels prolonged; it could easily been edited down. The final scene in the film appears so out of place and unnecessary.

The motivations of the characters are dubious at best. Sx_Tape follows the classic horror trope of main characters not exiting a precarious situation at a plausible time. It is also inexplicable why Adam would keep filming; another problem with this type of film.

The setting for the majority of the action is good. The dark spaces and eerie corridors are effective in generating atmosphere. The sound and lighting create some tension, but not enough to sustain the whole of Sx_Tape.

Effects in the final third of the film are ridiculous. There is such a disconnect with these and what has come before that it takes the audience out of the action. Performances in Sx_Tape are adequate.

Although the setting is interesting enough, Sx_Tape descends into something rather ludicrous. Another mediocre found footage picture.

Sx_Tape is being screened at the BFI London Film Festival in October 2013.