Film Review: You’re Next

You're Next

You’re Next is an entertaining horror that effectively balances suspense, gore and comedy.

The Davison family get together to celebrate the wedding anniversary of their parents. Paul and Aubrey Davison, their children and respective partners decide to spend the weekend at their country retreat, but soon receive some unwanted attention…

You’re Next is a home-invasion horror with a healthy dose of humour. The premise functions well enough to engage viewers. It is the mystery of the situation that retains the attention.

The narrative is well paced. You’re Next fills its 94-minute running time with sufficient suspense, gore and laughs. The twists that occur are not wholly unpredictable. Nevertheless, they are necessary to explain the situation.

You’re Next generates a real sense of mystery. It is this aspect which is most effective in the film. It is unclear how the film is going to pan out for a significant period. You’re Next reels viewers in with this suspense.

The humour in the film works well. Some of the black comedy is reliant on the gore or the absurdity of the situation. What is more effective, however, are the quips and the sibling animosity even in such a crisis. Moreover, the jokes about filmmaking directed at Ti West’s character should go down well with horror movie fans.

Adam Wingard’s film features some incredibly gory sequences. With these, You’re Next earns its 18 rating. Special effects in the film are great. Sharni Vinson offers a competent performance as Erin. Nicholas Tucci is well cast as Felix. Performances from the rest of the cast are fine.

The story that comes out of You’re Next is absurdity taken to the extreme. The film does not offer a realistic prospect. Instead, with its black humour, mystery and graphic violence, You’re Next is an amusing and entertaining experience.