Film Review: Evil Dead

Evil Dead

Fede Alvarez’s grisly remake of Evil Dead is decent horror movie. It retains the style of the original, although there is enough that sets it apart.

David and three friends accompany his sister Mia to a secluded cabin, in order to help her kick her drug habit. When the group discovers some unsavoury items in the basement, they unwittingly unleash supernatural forces…

With Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell as producers, this version of Evil Dead has the seal of approval. Fede Alvarez does make some changes to distinguish his version from the 1981 film. However, these do not deviate too far from the source material.

The premise of the group travelling to the cabin to help Mia get clean is a decent change. It gives the characters a reason to be in such a remote location, and solidifies their reluctance to leave. Other changes to the narrative are sound. Pacing in the film is good. The film builds to a strong finale.

Evil Dead offers a very visceral style of horror. The film concentrates on this, rather than any attempt to make the audience laugh. The film is not particularly jumpy; instead it favours gore over apprehension. Evil Dead scares viewers through its display of the grotesque and the horrifying.

Special effects in Evil Dead are excellent. There is a refreshing lack of CGI used in the film. Given the over-reliance on this form of special effects in recent gore-heavy movies, this is a welcome reversal. As a result, the film’s most grisly moments do look more authentic.

Performances are good overall. Shiloh Fernandez is decent as male lead David. The filmmakers are wise not to offer an incarnation of Ash. Jane Levy is convincing as the increasingly desperate Mia.

Evil Dead is one of the better horror remakes. A must-see for gore fans.

Evil Dead is out on DVD and Blu-Ray on 12th August 2013.