Film Review: The Heat

The Heat

Female buddy cop movie The Heat fails to work due to the lack of laughs.  And without the humour, there is little else to keep viewers entertained.

Uptight FBI agent Sarah Ashburn has an eye on a big promotion. In order to obtain it, she needs to track down an elusive drug lord in Boston. There she must work with antagonistic Boston cop Shannon Mullins if she wishes to solve the case…

After the success of Bridesmaids, director Paul Feig reunites with Melissa McCarthy for another female-centric comedy. Although the combination sounds promising, the reality does not quite match up to it.

The problem with The Heat is fundamentally the lack of humour. Certain scenes or comments that are set up to generate humour fall flat. There is a deficit of decent jokes in the script. The ones that do work are not enough to sustain the near two-hour running time.

Without a solid comedic strand, what is left is the crime story and the relationship between Ashburn and Mullins. The case that the film focuses on is really just functions as a vehicle to throw the two protagonists together. There is little of interest in the actual case.

The friendship between Ashburn and Mullins in The Heat lacks a spark. Both are rather unlikeable to begin with. The relationship does develop, but even this is not engaging. This is not because the protagonists are women, but simply due to the fact that they are not funny or endearing enough for viewers to care about their fate.

Performances by the main cast are fine. Sandra Bullock reprises the kind  of role viewers have seen her in before, but she does this suitably well. The soundtrack is one of The Heat‘s plus points.

Although the initial premise is fine, The Heat really needs to go back to the drawing board with its script. Beverly Hills Cop is a fantastic example of a cop movie that offers comedy and action in equal spades. The Heat is no Beverly Hills Cop.