Film Review: Movie 43

Movie 43

Movie 43 is a mess. Moreover, it is mess devoid of humour and entertainment.

In order to enact revenge, teenagers Calvin and J.J. ask Calvin’s brother Baxter, an eleven-year-old computer whizz, to find ‘Movie 43’, a supposedly banned film that they have made up. When Baxter starts searching, however, it appears that Movie 43 could be a real film…

The premise for Movie 43 is adequate enough. In the UK version, ‘The Pitch’ premise is replaced by ‘The Thread’, featuring the young boys searching online for the film. The original set-up seems like it would have made more sense for an anthology film such as Movie 43.

Regardless of this, Movie 43 is a poor movie. No matter how juvenile or crude the humour may have been, Movie 43 would be passably entertaining if it raised enough laughs. As it stands, the film fails to generate even one funny moment.

None of the film’s sketches are even mildly amusing. The segments go for the most base of laughs, but even this fails. The film aims for the most puerile of topics in its attempts at comedy; covering such areas as incest and scatology. Again, this would not be so hideous if some of the toilet humour was actually funny.

In spite of a high-profile cast and an array of writers and producers, no one comes out of Movie 43 looking good. The film is offensive at times, with its attempts to generate humour from very questionable race gags. Women in particular are scathed by Movie 43.

With this in mind, it is unclear why some of the film’s big names signed on for this mess. Even if the likes of Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet and Richard Gere had no real knowledge of the other segments, they must have been aware that their own sketches were not amusing.

Movie 43 is one of the worst films in a long time. Everyone involved with this painfully unfunny mess should be ashamed of their participation.

Movie 43 is out on DVD and Blu-Ray from 24th June 2013.