Film Review: I’m So Excited

I'm So Excited

The colourful title sequence sets the tone for the entire film. I’m So Excited is certainly fun.

A technical failure puts the lives of passengers onboard Peninsula Flight 2549 in danger. Aware of their perilous position, the crew aboard the flight attempt to distract their passengers by entertaining them…

The premise of I’m So Excited is actually rather dark. Nevertheless, it is handled with humour. Pedro Almodóvar’s film could have easily played out as a drama.

The writer-director eschews drama or black comedy however, plumping instead for a camp fiesta. The humour is frequent, and sometimes outlandish. The dance number typifies the style of the entire film. The camp factor will mean the audience cannot help smiling.

Although the comedy does work, I’m So Excited could have done with some more belly laughs. However, there is a positive nature to the film that gives it a sense of buoyancy. The humour aligns itself with the style of camp that is often lewd and silly.

There are two underlying themes to I’m So Excited that dominate proceedings. Primarily, the film does become serious when it considers the most important wishes of passengers when they think they might not survive. This sits a little uncomfortably with the aforementioned camp humour. This is not to say that it doesn’t work, but merely that it almost signals out a reflective time.

The other aspect that becomes apparent is a slight preoccupation with the financial crisis. This gives I’m So Excited a contemporary feel. It almost seems as if Almodóvar is suggesting the situation should be handled with a sense of lightness. Nonetheless, this is never dealt with in great detail.

With decent performances, and some rather unnecessary cameos, I’m So Excited may be a bit divisive given that not all viewers will give in to the high camp. Those that do should enjoy Almodóvar’s latest effort.