5 Things That The Muppets… Again! Needs

The Muppets... Again!

The Muppets… Again! is currently filming in London. I haven’t spied Kermit around town, but I live in hope. Emulating the success of The Muppets is going to be difficult. Unless, of course, the filmmakers follow my recipe…

1. More ’80s Robot

’80s Robot was one of the stand out things in The Muppets. He needs to return, bringing with him a host of eighties pop culture artifacts.

2. More Rowlf

Yes, Rowlf did feature in The Muppets, but his role was minimal. Bar Kermit, Rowlf is my favourite Muppet so he needs a bigger role in the sequel.

3. Great Original Songs

The Muppets soundtrack is a fantastic mix of original songs and classic hits. The Muppets… Again! needs to replicate this by giving us more songs like ‘Pictures In My Head’ that may or may not have made me have something in my eye.

4. A Muppet Babies Interlude

Muppet Babies was one of the hot eighties cartoons; which was no mean feat. The Muppets…Again! should pay homage what would have been some viewers’ first introduction to the Muppets.

Muppets Tiny Tim

5. A Cameo from The Muppet Christmas Carol’s Tiny Tim

Have mercy.

The Muppets… Again! is due for release on 21st March 2014.