Film Review: Wreck-It Ralph

WRECK-IT RALPHAppearing like the video game version of Toy Story, Wreck-It Ralph is an entertaining Disney animation that should satisfy viewers of all ages.

Ralph is the bad guy in the video game Fix-It Felix. He longs to be a hero, however, and decides to try to achieve this aim by trying out other games in the arcade. Jumping from game to game, Ralph unwittingly unleashes havoc in the form of a deadly enemy…

The premise of Wreck-It Ralph is a great idea for a film. It is not unlike Toy Story in its focusing on a world should not exist. It is the premise of what goes on with the characters after a game has been shut down which is a fantastic hook, much like Toy Story‘s characters coming to life when they are not being played with.

The narrative offers more depth than just this initial good idea. Wreck-It Ralph features characters that viewers can warm to. The film does not go down the well-trodden Disney lane of eliciting strong emotions. Nevertheless, the plot is still engaging and the main characters have enough depth for viewers to care about their outcome.

There are several references to video games, as would be expected given the premise. Some of these will require knowledge of actual games, but most are more general than this. It is a shame that characters from real games do not have bigger roles in Wreck-It Ralph, but this is a minor gripe.

The animation is bright, and the various worlds in Wreck-It Ralph are distinctive. The use of 3D also works well in the film. John C. Reilly is an excellent choice for the voice of Ralph, whilst Sarah Silverman is does a decent job voicing Vanellope.

Despite not quite being classic Disney, Wreck-It Ralph is still a lot of fun.