Film Review: Monsters Inc.


Prior to the release of prequel Monsters University later this year, Monsters Inc. gets a 3D re-release. The film is a great example of the imagination of the Disney Pixar company.

In Monstropolis, monsters generate power by scaring children at night, despite their fear of being contaminated by young humans. Sulley is top scarer at Monsters Inc, to the dissatisfaction of some of his colleagues. When a child sneaks into Monstropolis, Sulley and his best friend Mike find their lives disrupted…

A large part of Monsters Inc.‘s appeal is its inventive premise. The idea that they bogeymen of children’s nightmares are not mere fiction but driven by their corporation for gain is great. Monsters Inc. is much like any sizeable workplace, albeit with an unusual line of business.

At the heart of Monsters Inc. are two well-crafted protagonists. Sulley and Mike are three dimensional enough for the audience to care about their fates. Boo, meanwhile, brings the cute factor. Like many other Disney Pixar films, Monsters Inc. is appealing to both children and adults. There is plenty of humour to amuse both of these audiences. Likewise, the narrative straightforward enough for young children to follow, yet will also engage older viewers.

The 3D in this cinematic re-release adds a layer of depth without being intrusive.3D presentations of Pixar films seem to have worked well thus far. The animation is crisp, and does not seem to have aged at all despite being over ten years old.

The Monsters Inc. re-release gives the chance for a new audience to see it on the big screen and allows existing fans to view it in an extra dimension.

Monsters Inc 3D is released in cinemas from 18th January 2013.