Film Review: Love Story

Florian Habicht’s film is a romantic comedy about a romantic comedy. The film is quirky, and has some great amusing scenes.

New Zealand filmmaker Florian Habicht sees a girl carrying a slice of cake on the New York subway and is desperate to retrace her. When he relocates her, Florian asks the girl to star in a love story he is making. During the course of the filming, Florian asks citizens of New York how they think the story should pan out…

Florian Habicht’s film sits somewhere between fiction and documentary, although it is unclear where the boundary lies. The film could easily be entirely contrived, and filmed part documentary style, or elements could be factual. This is part of Love Story‘s intrigue; viewers will no doubt ponder how much was scripted and how much is off the cuff.

Habicht directs, produces, co-writes and stars in Love Story. He is an amiable protagonist, with his talkative manner. He is most engaging in his Skype conversations with his father, which often amuse. Habicht brings a good combination of goofiness and vulnerability which persuades viewers to follow the story.

Love Story is most interesting when Florian talks to New Yorkers about their experience of love and how they think his love story should develop. The insights and stories captured here are truly fascinating. The film is less gripping in the scenes of the actual ‘film’, often lacking in dialogue, these appear overlong at times.

Although Love Story is not wholly successful, it is one unusual and watchable experiment.

Love Story is being screened at the London Film Festival in October 2012.