Andy Serkis at Jameson Cult Film Club

Last Wednesday, Jameson Cult Film Club returned to London with a screening of Jaws at Greenwich Yacht Club. Prior to the screening, we were able to speak to Jameson Cult Film Club Curator Andy Serkis about the Club, Jaws, and directing…

What does your role as Curator of Jameson Cult Film Club entail?

I basically had input into choosing some of the films that are going to be screened. Just to introduce them, and be part of the event.

What is it about Jaws that you like so much?

I think it is one of the most complete films ever made really. In terms of writing, in terms of the tension, in terms of individual performances, in terms of the camera work. It’s just brilliant storytelling, it’s absolutely, totally immersive. The way it was shot was revolutionary, the use of animatronics was revolutionary. For all of those reasons it really moved filmmaking on.

If you were going to make Jaws now, would you use animatronics or motion capture?

What I love about Jaws is the fact that it still holds up today. Even though you know it’s an animatronic shark, your mind is tricked in such a way that you’re still terrified of it. If I was to shoot it now, it would probably be a combination. I would still want some real physicality of an animatronic puppet. It would probably be CG-enhanced, but I would probably use the basis of that still. The human brain, the way it is tricked in modern-day filmmaking, sometimes it can be flattened out. What is interesting is where you are just not sure what is real and what isn’t.

You are getting into directing, can you tell us a bit about that?

I have just come back from directing the second unit on The Hobbit, directing is an arena I have been getting into for some time. I have a company called The Imaginarium, which is a performance capture studio. It does live action films as well as visual effects and performance capture for films. Over the course of the next year, I am going to be directing two projects which will be announced quite shortly.

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