DVD Review: Limitless

Limitless features a pill that can open up the brain’s full capacity. Rather than offer enlightenment, the film instead offers pure entertainment. This is by no means a bad thing.

Eddie Morra is a struggling writer who lacks motivation. When a face from the past offers him a mysterious pill which will allow him to become the best version of himself, Eddie takes it. Eddie sees an immediate improvement to his capabilities, but things aren’t so rosy when he realises he is being followed…

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DVD Features:

Alternative Ending – The alternative ending sequence is actually around 6 minutes long, lengthier than some others that are supplied as bonus features. However, the first few minutes are the same as the finished film. What is interesting about it is that it offers a very different outlook to the original ending.

A Man Without Limits – This short featurette focuses upon the character of Eddie Morra and the casting of Bradley Cooper. Cooper’s passion for the project is made clear; the featurette is short but sufficient.

Taking It To The Limit: The Making of Limitless – Slightly longer feaurette that concentrates on the story and the production of the movie. The documentary features a number of the film’s cast and crew, talking to the producer about the original story, and detailing the location shooting. Although it is quite interesting, not enough is said about visual effects, which are plentiful in the film.

Director’s Commentary – Neil Burger provides a commentary soundtrack for the movie. The director provides the rationale behind some of the choices made, as well as insight into the production process. Nevertheless, it would have been more absorbing if Burger had offered more anecdotes about the making of the film.

The Limitless DVD also features a trailer of the film. Overall, the features are pretty much what you would expect from a standard DVD release. It is a shame that the commentary was not more engaging, but the features provide a suitable package for fans of the film.

Limitless is out on DVD and Blu-Ray on 1st August 2011.