Report: Jameson Cult Film Club Monsters Screening

Those who braved the arctic conditions queuing outside the Royal College of Surgeons in London were rewarded with liquid treats and an entertaining evening. After warming up inside and enjoying a complementary drink or two, Jameson Cult Film Club members and guests were invited to take their seats for Monsters. The event featured some nice touches, such as actors dressed up as characters from the film, face masks on every seat, and wristbands embossed with a logo from the film.

The screening was preceded with an introduction from writer and director Gareth Edwards and editor Colin Goudie. The pair shared anecdotes about Monsters, including the film’s working title. Edwards in particular seemed overwhelmed by the large turn out (apparently the screening was oversubscribed and people were turned away). As the majority of those in attendance had not seen the film before, Edwards felt it apt to suggest that Monsters is a film that divides audiences. Edwards was bashful when asked about his next project, a reboot of Godzilla, preferring that the emphasis remained on the low-budget critical success Monsters.

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