Film Review: Heartbreaker

Deception and surveillance are the order of the day in this enjoyable French rom-com. In the mould of Hollywood films in this genre, Heartbreaker is not groundbreaking, but it is a lot of fun.

Alex has made a career of making women fall in love with him, in order for them to leave their unhappy relationships. When he is commissioned with breaking up the relationship of soon-to-be married Juliette, he gets more than he bargained for…

The concept of the film is fun but not really original at all. However, the execution of the premise works well, better in fact than films such as Failure to Launch. Heartbreaker references some of its influences; this self-reflexivity is effective in suggesting to the audience that the filmmakers are aware that this isn’t the most original of films.

Romain Duris is charming and charismatic as Alex, whilst Vanessa Paradis is appropriately contained and controlled as Juliette.  François Damiens and Julie Ferrier perform well as husband and wife team Marc and Melanie – their characters providing much of the film’s humour.

Though Heartbreaker sometimes descends into the incredulous, it works well as a popcorn flick. The beautiful Monte Carlo backdrop matches the fantasy of the story, and makes the film a pleasant slice of escapism.