Film Review: The Bounty Hunter

In The Bounty Hunter, Jennifer Aniston plays a career-obsessed journalist determined to get the scoop on the latest story. It’s a pity in real life Aniston does not pay as much attention to her career, otherwise she may not have opted for such a dud.

Though a regular fixture in the rom-com genre over the last decade, surely the actress receives scripts more promising than this. The Bounty Hunter does not work on any level. The film attempts to combine an action thriller with a romantic comedy, but fails on all accounts.

The main problem with The Bounty Hunter is that it is painfully unfunny. Whilst some lacklustre comedies may have only one or two humorous set-ups or jokes, this film does not have a single genuinely funny moment. Furthermore, the characters are one-dimensional; when the couple is in a somewhat perilous situation, it is hard to muster the effort to care.

The film is inevitably predictable, which wouldn’t be such a problem if the film had something else to offer. As it stands, The Bounty Hunter is the worst film of the year, so far.