Film Review: Crazy Heart

Jeff Bridges gives an exceptional performance as the washed up country singer attempting to revive his career in Scott Cooper’s Crazy Heart. Behind the singer, who is lamented by both his dwindling fan base and his fellow musicians, is a man struggling with an alcohol problem, amongst other demons.

Crazy Heart features a wonderful and fitting soundtrack, including the Oscar-winning title track ‘The Weary Kind’. Composer and performer Ryan Bingham also makes an appearance in the film as one of the numerous musicians Bad Blake performs with. Colin Farrell is impressive as Blake’s more popular rival and former collaborator.

The narrative is not incredibly original. Nonetheless, this does not seem to matter when the story is told in such a captivating manner. Along with Bridges’ award-winning performance, Maggie Gyllenhaal makes a believable love interest. There is a depth to her character that makes the audience root for the unlikely couple.

Despite his talent, Blake is a fallible character. Although much of the audience will not be able to identify with his specific issues, the general themes of redemption and second chances are universal and timeless. Thus, Crazy Heart is a moving tale, one that is worth a look for more than just Bridges’ noted performance.